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Hi!, I'm Peter Cole, a musician, composer and producer from San Francisco, California. Ever since I made my first drum set out of coffee cans when I was ten years old, I have loved to perform, compose and produce all styles of music: classical, punk, Latin, world music, rock, jazz, electronic, new age, experimental. I particularly enjoy combining these different styles to make something completely new.

My interest in these different genres continues to influence each piece of music that I create. Using both acoustic and electronic instrumentation, I currently focus mostly on instrumental piano and guitar-based music that moves between classical, ambient soundscapes and World music, as well as more orchestrated and hybrid music for film and/or movie trailers. I enjoy writing music for visuals (film, photography) and often visualize movement, characters, scenes and moods while I’m composing.

I currently produce music for bands and artists in my own studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and compose music for TV, film, movie trailers, the web and other multimedia projects. I'm also an award winning interactive developer and have created websites, mobile apps and other digital media experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Apple, Nike, Target, Hyundai, Microsoft and Xbox. Visit my digital portfolio, here, to learn more about my work.

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Here are some examples of some of my recent work by category.

Reel (Multi Genre Sampler)

Dramatic Orchestral/Hybrid (Tension, Action, Minimal)

Epic, Hybrid, Trailer

Uplifting, Inspiring

Solo Piano, Orchestral

Percussion Based Instrumentals


Coming Soon.

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Hear more music and join my fanclub at Jango Radio Airplay and Soundcloud.

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Contact Me.

Please reach out with any questions about using my composing, producing, engineering, or digital media services for your next project. If you're a fellow musician/artist and interested in collaborating - lets connect!


Taxi Listing Assistant Bookmarklet - in BETA

The Taxi Listing Assistant Bookmarklet allows you to quickly copy the key elements of a Taxi listing and paste this info, pre-formatted, into a tab-separated document such as a Numbers or Excel file.

To install the Taxi Listing Assistant Bookmarklet Drag this Taxi Bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark or favorites bar (below the address bar); or, add it manually via your browser's bookmark manager.

* It's only been tested on Mac OS: Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Sorry Windows users! I will try to test on a Windows machine soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to try it out - it might work.

** Please be aware that it's not perfect! I'm still refining the search functions and I've noticed that for some reason, certain listings do not get captured or formatted properly.

Taxi Bookmarklet

Step 1

After you've installed the Taxi Listing Assistant Bookmarklet as described above, navigate to the Taxi listings page: https://www.taximusic.com/listings.php, and then open the Listing Assistant bookmarklet by clicking on it from your browser's Bookmarket or Favorites bar, or from within your browser's bookmark manager. When the Taxi Listing Assistant bookmarklet is open, you can then select which items the Listing Assistant will search for by selecting or unslecting the checkboxes next to each option. Currently, the Taxi Listing Assistant allows you to capture: Listing ID, Title, Due Date, Description (first paragraph only), Queue Length, Keywords and the audio examples.

Taxi Bookmarklet

Step 2

When you find a listing you are interested in capturing, just click on the title of the listing and a browser window will open up with all the items you want to capture. Copy what you see inside this window and click OK to close it. Note that the copy inside this pop-up window might look funky and not formatted properly - it should look OK once you paste it into your spreadsheet.

Taxi Bookmarklet

Step 3

Finally, open up Numbers or Excel and paste the items inside. Ideally, you should format your spreadsheet first to have headers that align with the items you're copying and pasting. For example, create a header for the List ID, the Title, the Due Date, etc.